Best Beer, Period, and the Best Place to Get It (2003)

Chimay Red
Above the Rim Fine Wines

Chimay is brewed in Belgium by Cistercian Trappist monks who apparently have a direct line to God when it comes to the more ethereal matters of the beer-maker's art. This champagne of beers goes down smooth, follows its creamy head with a silky mouth-feel and fruity aroma, and packs a serious wallop. While full-sized bottles of the lesser breeds are stocked at a few shops around town, Above the Rim carries Chimay Red (the best of the best, in our opinion) by the four-pack. Sure, this great little shop stocks other stuff, too, and the guys who run it are wine-biz veterans who'd be more than happy to sell you fine bottles of other beer and wine. But when the choice comes down to Chimay Red or anything else, we'll take the Chimay damn near every time.


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