Best Chips and Salsa (2003)

Chubby Burger Drive-Inn

The salsa's always fresca at the Chubby Burger Drive-Inn, a ramshackle takeout joint known to all Mexican-food lovers as "the original Chubby's." Over the past thirty years, Chubby's has built its reputation on the back of sloppy, big-ass burritos, solid tamales and hot, hot green chile -- but what we really love is Chubby's fresh, rough-chopped salsa, which the kitchen preps by the gallon. Although the chips are just average, the salsa gets extra credit. It's a killer combination of sweet veggies kicked up with exactly the right amount of spicy heat, so that the balance is maintained among the natural flavors of tomato, onion and chile, and a burn that sets your tongue to smoldering but never catches fire outright.


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