Best Comfort Food (2003)

Sam's No. 3

We know: The world can be a scary place sometimes. And whether you're eating to

dull the pain of a broken heart, your vanishing 401K or just the sorry state of the world in general, Sam's No. 3 is sure to have something in the kitchen that'll fill you up right. The menu is the size of a dimestore romance novel, and it's filled with comforting chow from places as disparate as Coney Island and the Baja Strait. Sam's does chili dogs, breakfast burritos, mashed potatoes, fried chicken, sloppy burgers, root beer floats and Mile-Hi banana splits -- all cheap and deeply satisfying. Plus, they whip up a thick caramel milkshake so good you should be able to charge it to your health insurance as a form of therapy.


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