Best Meat Market (2003)

Oliver's Meat Market

No, not that kind. Oliver's Meat Market is probably not the place to go when you're looking for love, but it's the spot we think of when meat is on our minds. The same family has been running this same market at this same location since 1939, and in all those years, they've only gotten better at doing what they do. High-quality meats, dry-aged in-house, are Oliver's specialty, but the shop also offers an array of deli selections and a small dry-goods market for the discriminating gourmet. Don't see what you want? The counter is backed by real butchers who know their business and will cut to order depending on your needs. If you're after something weird like veal cheeks, trotters or oxtails, Oliver's should always be your first stop. It's like having a friend in the meat business.


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