Best Middle Eastern Restaurant (2003)


This University of Denver neighborhood hangout with its ramshackle patio doesn't look like much from the outside, but it's one of Denver's most beloved restaurants. And what's not to love? Jerusalem serves spicy hummus, fat little stuffed grape leaves, crisp and lemony falafel, tender shawarma sandwiches folded up in fluffy pitas that overflow with onions, tomatoes and parsley in tzatziki sauce, and a hundred other Middle Eastern delights. Everything is made fresh, never frozen (it says so right on the menu and tastes that way on the plate), and delivered to your table faster than you can say "baba ghanouj." Considering the slightly claustrophobic closeness of the tightly packed tables and the almost constant crowds on the weekends, a meal at Jerusalem sometimes seems on the edge of dissolving into a chaotic nightmare -- but it never does, thanks to the quick turns, grace and friendly service of the floor staff.


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