Best Midnight Snacks (2003)

Adega Restaurant + Wine Bar

It's late, and you're in the mood for a little something, but Taco Bell just isn't going to do the trick. Instead, head to Adega, where a chic but surprisingly comfortable wine bar borders the most upscale dining room in town. Although that dining room stops serving after 10 p.m., a short menu featuring the best collection of small plates in town -- plus dozens of vintages available by the glass to wash them down - is available at the bar until midnight every night but Sunday. Lobster, shrimp and black truffles baked in phyllo, a high-class charcuterie sampler, duck confit with pears, mussels provençal, almond-stuffed dates wrapped in bacon....You'll never need to make another run for the border. Because for the young and still restless, Adega is your final destination.


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