Best Mortgage- the-House French Fusion (2003)

Adega Restaurant + Wine Bar

Adega's chef, Bryan Moscatello, doesn't mess around. Caviar, rare wild mushrooms, Plugrá butter -- nothing but the best of everything goes into what ultimately comes out of his kitchen. Adega featured a $300-per-plate dinner on New Year's Eve, offers seasonal prix fixe truffle-tasting menus that run $170 a head before the wine, and is one of the very few houses in town that can keep $30 entrees on their menus and still put butts in the seats on a Tuesday night. How can Adega get away with this? Because Moscatello is that good, and his bright, French-infused, New American style is winning converts all over town. So mortgage the house, sell the car, use up Junior's college fund -- do whatever you must, but give Adega a try. It's worth every penny.


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