Best Place to Feel Like an Unpaid Extra in a Tarantino Film (2003)

Breakfast King

It could be the solid, never-gonna-wash-it-out blue of the collars; the funky, unnatural orange-colored trim around the windows; the acetylene glow of headlights through the front windows at 3 a.m.; or just the way those two long-haul drivers keep looking over at you. But at Breakfast King, there are definitely moments when, if Quentin Tarantino's cameras aren't already rolling, someone had better yell "Action!" Quick. Whether you're there with a whole crew planning your next big bank job or alone after leaving the woman what done you wrong, Breakfast King has atmosphere oozing from every cracked-vinyl seat and style to spare. Plus, the grub is exactly what you'd expect from a place just off the interstate: served hot, fast, and in trucker-friendly portions.


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