Best Place to Watch TV While Waiting in the Checkout Line (2003)


Yes, reading is an important and entertaining activity. The written word helps to remind us of the complexity of our fascinating world, even when we're bored out of our gourds. And yet there are many instances when reading is inappropriate. You should never read while driving, swimming, lovemaking or (dare we suggest it) standing in the checkout line of a grocery store. Sure, we've all tried it, what with all those magazines teasing with their headlines and maddening lack of numbered pages -- and then comes the frantic flipping to find the desired story (about the paralyzed office worker who commutes by hand dolly), the frustrated failure and the hurried stuffing into the wrong slot of the display rack because suddenly it's time to check out. Save yourself the torture by shopping at Avanza, where checkout-line boredom is chased away with America's favorite pastime: TV! Depending on your preferred shopping hours, you can enjoy fine broadcast programs that range from deportes (weekends), to Sala de Parejas (weekdays), to Primer Impacto (weekday evenings). Save the People to read at work.


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