Best Spot for Watching the Colfax Nightlife (2003)

Tom's Diner

Hookers and junkies and bums, oh my! One night at Tom's is better than a whole week's worth of Cops on cable. True connoisseurs of dive culture will appreciate both the window seats looking onto one of the funkiest street corners in Denver -- the intersection of Colfax and Pearl -- and the sort of nightlife that creeps, crawls, slinks and stumbles right inside and sits down next to you. While the scenery is fantastic (in every sense of the word), the menu offers all your standard diner fare, with the classics done better than most. But even a cup of coffee will cover the price of admission. So grab a seat: No matter what time you wander into Tom's, the show is about to begin.

Location Details

601 E. Colfax Ave.
Denver CO 80203


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