Aside from the name, there's no fusion at Thai Basil. The cuisine of Thailand is the primary focus at this groovy little Wash Park eatery, and while a scattering of Vietnamese and Chinese dishes can be found on the menu, it's the curry -- calibrated for the adventurous eater, with plenty of spice and heat to spare -- that has us coming back again and again. Several varieties are available, with old favorites like panang and massamun sharing menu space with house specials. Thai Basil also offers an excellent grilled chicken satay served with a peanut sauce so thick it's more for scooping than for dipping. And unless you've recently come off a hunger strike, one order of pad thai is usually enough to feed two -- although it's so good you'll be tempted to polish it off yourself.

Location Details

540 E. Alameda Ave.
Denver CO 80209


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