Best Ride (2003)

Yellow Cab Limousine

Former Bronco Chris Watson may have been traded to the Buffalo Bills, but his cousin Corey Carver is still rollin' here -- in a Yellow Cab limo. Carver followed the 1999 third-round draft pick from Illinois to Denver, where he started driving a cab and set up a limo business. He sold his company but retained a car, which he now drives for Yellow Cab. The nine-passenger Lincoln, resplendent in red velvet and decked out with TVs and a minibar, prowls the streets of Denver, ready to take fares to the airport or on a tour of all the best after-hours clubs. And if limos aren't your style, Carver also has a 1997 conversion van complete with captain's seats. At a mere 81 cents a mile, it's cheaper than the parking -- or DUI -- tickets you'd have in the morning.


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