Best Store at FlatIrons Crossing (2003)

Nordstrom Rack

There's a truth that's known to all dedicated bargain shoppers: Once you've snagged your first pair of, say, alligator slingbacks, for the cost of a self-service car wash, it's damn near impossible to go back to paying full price for anything. But when it comes to couture, there's a difference between inexpensive and cheap, and the wares at Nordstrom Rack definitely fall into the former category. Offerings from major makers and design houses are crammed into the large FlatIrons store along with toiletries, housewares and shoes, shoes, shoes. A repository for the huge retailer's overstock, Nordstrom Rack is a gift to astute shophounds who know how to filter through the castoffs to redeem that special, marked-down prize.


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