Best Alternative to Corporate Yoga (2003)

Samadhi Center for Yoga

The yoga fad is at its peak, and it seems every neighborhood in Denver now has a studio that promises to turn you into a flexible new-age Gumby. But what gets lost in all the hype is yoga's roots in India, where it was developed by Hindu religious instructors -- yogis -- as a way to calm the mind and move followers closer to enlightenment. That purpose hasn't been forgotten at Samadhi, which manages to offer a broad range of yoga classes while honoring the practice's traditions. You can't help but notice the statue of Laxmi (Hindu goddess of prosperity) in the corner, with offerings of flowers and incense at her feet, or the serene mural of the Buddha on one wall. And as your instructor moves you through countless Down Dogs, the prayer flags and lanterns that hang from the ceiling will serve as a reminder that yoga is more than just a physical activity. Now, take a deep breath and relax...


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