Best Coach -- College (2003)

Fisher DeBerry
Air Force Falcons

After surprising the doomsayers and starting the 2002 football season at a perfect 6-0, the Feisty Falcons lost a huge game at home to powerful Notre Dame. From there, the rest of the season went a bit south: Air Force finished 8-5, including a 20-13 loss to Virginia Tech in the San Francisco Bowl. But no one questioned the skills of head football coach Fisher DeBerry, who's been at the

academy for nineteen years. In that time, he's had just two losing seasons while racking up 150 wins -- almost all of them against bigger, stronger teams. A master of the complex wishbone offense, a Southern wit and a true believer in his no-frills, anti-glitz party line, DeBerry turns smart, disciplined, undersized players into winners, year after year. Only Joe Paterno (37 years at Penn State) and Bobby Bowden (27 years at Florida State) have been on the job longer, and DeBerry is every bit their equal.


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