Best Place to Kick It on Your Board (2003)

Spaulding Bowl
Copper Mountain

Union and Copper bowls provide reason enough to ride at Copper Mountain, but when the wind whips up and blows snow off the top of Copper Peak, head straight to Spaulding Bowl. In a strong wind, the steep terrain there magically transforms into the waves off Oahu: It's surfing time in the mountains, and there's nothing quite like floating through thigh-deep snow on your board. As for Copper's terrain park, the folks at Freeze magazine rated it among the top ten in North America. The park, just off the Loverly run, starts slow, with mini-kickers and small rails; to the right are the tabletops. Further down the hill is the rail park, which includes a 100-footer and a rainbow rail. All this funnels into the huge halfpipe, where you can show off your spin-3, rodeo-5 or Misty flip. Or you can simply watch.


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