Best Place to Sweat Out Last Night's Binge (2003)

Bikram Yoga Denver

Instead of the hair of the dog or a big, greasy breakfast to cure your hangover, try sweating it out at an early-morning class at Bikram Yoga Denver. Just walking into the 100-degree-plus yoga studio is enough to make beads of perspiration pop up on your brow. And as you attempt to bend and contort into 26 different postures, holding each one for a solid thirty seconds, last night's booze will flow out of your pores faster than it went down. Bikram's staff, trained by Bikram Choudhury, will guide you through the invigorating practice. The two spacious Asana rooms can be filled to the brim during peak hours, so the 6 a.m. class is the perfect way to start the day. Okay, 10 a.m. if it was a really late night.


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