Best Bartender (2004)

Sharon Guisinger, High Street Speakeasy

Sharon Guisinger is the only O.B. (original bartender) left at the High Street Speakeasy, which opened just a year ago, but in our book, she's the best anywhere in town. It's telling that Guisinger -- a registered nurse by day -- is studying to become an emergency-room nurse or Flight for Life EMT, because she's cool under pressure and able to multi-task at warp nine when her bar's packed. (She generally works Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays.) But when the Speakeasy's down to just a handful of customers, Guisinger's truly at her best. She's a naturally feisty conversationalist, as well as an excellent listener -- and both are prime bartender traits. She also mixes a mean drink, especially her own original concoctions. Try the sticky but tasty Astronaut (sorry, secret recipe) or, better yet, her Iced Diva (fresh coffee, Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur, half and half, Baileys and Kahla).


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