Best Dinner Destination for Impressing the Folks (2004)

Mel's Restaurant and Bar

What impresses your folks? Big steaks? A good bar? A crowd that arrives for dinner dressed in something better than work boots and an Avs jersey? No matter what you think will make Mom and Pop sit up and take notice, odds are you'll find it at Mel's. From the swank Cherry Creek address to the beautiful space, from the expert staff to the new, elegantly simple menu courtesy of Tyler Wiard, Mel's is all about making every dinner and every diner feel like something special. So whether you're out to brag about your promotion, show off that new engagement ring, celebrate your release from detox or just try to make the parental units forget that you're 32 and still living in their basement, Mel's provides the ideal backdrop.

Location Details

8100 E. Orchard Rd.
Greenwood Village CO 80111


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