Back in the day, Griff's could have given McDonald's a run for its money. But today is not that day. Now, as you pull off Broadway into a parking lot dwarfed by the I-25 interchange, you see the remains of a chain that coulda been a contender -- one of the last surviving locations of an empire that once covered several states. The board of fare sketched out on Griff's menu is dominated by the classics: burgers, fries and milkshakes, all assembled with care. The oddly named Giant burger consists of one small patty on a soft burger roll with fresh onions, pickles and mustard. It's fine on its own, but order it as part of a Monster Meal, and it's a real deal. For less than five bucks, you get a burger, a bag of greasy, crisp and perfect fries, and a drink -- more than enough to get you where you're headed, even if where you're going is nowhere fast.

Location Details

742 S. Broadway
Denver CO 80209


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