Best Jerk Chicken (2004)

Caribbean Cuisine Plus

Caribbean Cuisine Plus, a relatively new storefront restaurant tucked back among the butchers and barbers and motor-vehicle offices in Aurora's suburban sprawl, does a lot of things remarkably well. Its friendly staff handles the large crowds with zero stress, takes orders smoothly, and turns out excellent cornbread, curried goat and Jamaican meat pies. And it does them all from a space that seems tiny enough to fold up and put in your pocket. But what Caribbean Cuisine Plus does best is jerk chicken -- that staple of Caribbean restaurants the world over. In this version, the meat is soft, perfectly spiced with onion, allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper, and served over steamed white rice. The dish looks and tastes so simple, but remember: Making it seem easy is what the best restaurants all try to do. At Caribbean Cuisine Plus, the easiest thing about this chicken is enjoying it.


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