Best Urban Funk in a Mall (2004)

Urban Outfitters

Cherry Creek got a much-needed boost of flava with Urban Outfitters, a welcome outpost of urbanity in the shopping center's rarefied air. The only store in the mall to display its goods in plywood crates, the chain retailer is both outlandish and practical. A pop-up version of the Kama Sutra sits next to a book on how to build an outdoor shed; rugs made of shredded T-shirts share space with teapot lamps and Snoop Dogg action figures. Urban Outfitters is a relatively inexpensive and fun place to find a book of vintage Playboy centerfolds, Day-Glo jewelry and a T-shirt collection that's worth a visit on its own; one top features a pig bearing flowers and pleading, "Please don't eat me...I love you." We'll oink to that.


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