Best Oldies DJ (2004)

Da Boogieman, KXKL/KOOL 105

He looks like a combination of Santa Claus and Ed Asner, his real identity is kept a mystery, and his on-air shtick is lifted straight from the Wolfman Jack School of deejaying. We don't care: Da Boogieman's funny. He reigns over the airwaves from 7 p.m. to midnight, weeknights on KOOL -- singing along with songs from the oldies canon and cutting up like a kid at the controls. But it isn't just his "Barbara Ann" jokes that get us giggling. It's his voice -- a scratchy, nasal patois of undetermined origin. Is he supposed to sound like a Motor City madman? A rock-and-roll loving Southern boy? A billy goat? Who can say? All we know is that his show is one of the most unabashedly fun features on the dial.

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