Best Online Gadfly (2004)

Michael Zinna

As scabrous as it is scoop-minded, Michael Zinna's website focuses on the alleged public and private follies of the powers that be in Jefferson County, including the county commissioners and the county attorney. Unlike many oddball crusader sites, this one's fun to read -- so fun that Zinna's recently been investigated by the feds, who were concerned about the online mushroom cloud that recently showed up over Jeffco's Taj Mahal. Many of Zinna's tips are anonymous, but he's also relentless in his open-records requests, and his broadsides are delivered with plenty of bile, hyperbole and old-fashioned outrage. "We're funny, we're crass, and at times we're even insulting," the site proclaims. (The "we" is Zinna and his German shepherd, Fonzi.) "Above all else, we tell it like it is." And in Jefferson County, that can be pretty refreshing.

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