Best Scandal (2004)

University of Colorado's Rapecruitment Program

Beat 'em, bust 'em, that's our custom! Some schools are steeped in athletic traditions that include such gaudy honors as national championships and future pro zillionaires. But that's nothing. CU already had a rich history of unsportsmanlike misbehavior, and with the current tales of alcohol-fueled recruiting rape parties, alleged sexual assaults by team members, reported Buff brass coverups and a cast of characters ranging from CU prez Betsy Hoffman to coach Gary Barnett to Boulder DA Mary Keenan to scribe Rick Reilly, the University of Colorado has reached its number-one ranking in sleaze! And such sleaze that Representative John Conyers (a Democrat, no less!) asked the House Judiciary Committee chair to schedule hearings into misconduct by CU's football program, noting that "reports have detailed, at a minimum, a widespread culture of disrespect toward women within the Colorado athletic department, producing an atmosphere where sexual assaults are condoned and covered up by university officials."

But here's the big news. The lawmaker recognizes that this stuff goes on "at other universities as well." Which means the rest of the nation is taking its cue from CU. At last. Forget CU being the number-one party school. The Buffs land us at the top of the scandal heap, too.

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