Best Sidewalk Psychic (2004)

Ms. Mac

Ms. Mac doesn't need a crystal ball or a smoking urn full of incense to look into your future. All she needs is a table, tarot cards and your open mind. A small, spry medium of the deck, Ms. Mac doesn't waste time with vague predictions, observations or ego strokes. If the cards say you're shacking up with the wrong girl or guy, she's going to tell you to get out quick. If you're wasting your time in a going-nowhere job, heading for trouble or missing an opportunity to make some money, expect an earful. Ms. Mac reads every Saturday afternoon at Herbs & Arts on East Colfax Avenue; Tuesdays, she's up the street at the funky new-age coffee shop Oh My Goddess. See her only if you're ready to face the truth: Oracles don't get much saucier than this.

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