Second-Best Description of Denver by a National Writer -- Current (2004)

Linda Hayes, Hemispheres Magazine

The March issue of United Airlines' in-flight magazine, Hemispheres, serves up "Three Perfect Days in Denver," starting with this: "Long out-glammed by glittery ski towns to the west and saddled with outdated reputations (frontier outpost, mining camp, cow town), Denver has pulled itself up by the bootstraps. Thanks to a proliferation of top-notch cultural and sporting venues, revitalization of the historic lower downtown district called LoDo, and the efforts of a contemporary new mayor, the Mile High City is showing considerable depth -- and breadth." So far, so good -- but then writer Linda Hayes sends readers out of town for one of those perfect days. Admittedly, Winter Park is still a Denver mountain park, and the Winter Park Ski Train is one of this city's greatest amenities (as well as a multiple Best of Denver award winner). Still, couldn't Hayes have kept it a little closer to home?

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