Best Bargains on Broadway (2004)

Big Lots

It's hard to make a shopping list when you're heading for Big Lots. The inventory changes every week, which means you're likely to find a garden hose where a bag of kitty litter once sat, a can of sardines in place of boxed tea. But as any dedicated bargain hunter knows, the thrill of the hunt is part of the fun. What's more exhilarating than scoring a jumbo-sized tin of Danish butter cookies for $1.50 or a set of wineglasses for less than the cost of a bottle of Blue Nun? As unpredictable as the merchandise is, the deals are consistently jaw-dropping, making Big Lots the perfect place to purchase inexpensive kitchen and bath items, party supplies, decorations and even canned and dry foods. A gem for college students and bean counters alike.


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