Best Clothes for New Moms (2004)

Real Baby

You don't have to set fashion aside just because you're having a baby. Haven't you heard that pregnancy is the new black? Or was that last year? In any case, "It" moms and moms-to-be Reese, Sarah Jessica and Gwyneth have proven that it's possible to set trends even as the belly balloons. Denver moms can do the same at Real Baby, a Highland store that stocks lace dresses and bags so hip you'd never guess they were designed to hold diapers. And there's no reason Baby can't turn heads, too. With tiny Aloha shirts, Kenneth Cole sneakers and sequined flip-flops, your young one can follow in your stylish footsteps -- just as soon as he or she can walk.

Location Details

3616 W. 32nd Ave.
Denver CO 80211


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