Best Critter Removal (2004)

Lil Rascals Wildlife Control Inc.

Folks may not worry much about bats in the belfry. Heck, they probably stopped making belfries decades ago. But squirrels in the attic? There's an unwelcome bit of wildlife. Since last June, when Jim Clouse started his Lil Rascals service, fewer of our furry friends have been squatters (or slitherers: he does all wildlife) in homes around the Littleton area. Clouse charges a one-time service fee that includes inspecting the house to see where the secret squirrels are gaining entry. After setting traps, he hauls the unwanted nut-eatin' guests away for a per-critter cost. As he says, "I only want to catch the squirrels that are bothering you, not your neighbors." He also does repairs. Now, if you have elk in the basement...


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