Best Vintage Fridges (2004)

Sweet Potato

Ancient Frigidaires may look cool, but that doesn't make them practical. They're too

small, they need constant defrosting, and they often just don't work at all. Fortunately, it's possible to remain retro without sacrificing modern technology. Sweet Potato is an outlet for Northstar refrigerators, roomy coolers fitted with up-to-the-minute shelving, optional icemakers and energy-saving mechanics. But it's the outsides of these babies that will blow you away, especially the hot-rod colors -- Flamingo Pink, Robin's-Egg Blue, Buttercup Yellow and Candy Red, among others. The cool machines are also stamped with a chrome logo reminiscent of the vintage Chrysler emblem. The only things missing are the fins. Get ready to rev up your kitchen.


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