Best Vintage Toys (2004)

Yankee Trader

You could spend weeks at Yankee Trader and still not see everything, so you've really got to go there with some idea of what you're going to look at. We chose the Trader's cross-cultural toy gallery. Not only is it impressive from a collector's point of view, but it provides some of the most fascinating and fun looking in town. Even the most average Joe will get a kick out of the metal trucks and cars in varying degrees of decay that line the walls. Elsewhere on the floor, glass cases house a corral full of high-stepping Breyer horses, various Robby the Robot models and vintage Halloween memorabilia. There's even a box full of original Topps Garbage Pail Kids cards that somehow managed to survive past the '80s. Whether you're looking to buy a rare treasure or relive your last few childhoods, Yankee Trader's dandy.


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