Best Day Trips for Dogs (2004)

Denver Hound Hikers

Aw, go take a hike! For a mournful pooch accustomed to being locked up all day with nothing to keep him company but destructible furniture, the context is anything but negative. After all, what hound wouldn't rather go for a walk? Save your sofa: Denver Hound Hikers provides various dog-walking services, from a standard midday fifteen-minute walk around the block or dog-park visit to the more rigorous two-hour "Hound Hike," a supervised outdoor excursion with everything provided (water, snack, towels, cleanup). And just so you know Fido's been having a great time, every Hound Hikers package includes a personalized, Internet-accessible Doggie Diary and digital photo of your four-legged friend having the time of his or her life. It's the paws that refreshes your pooch.


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