Best Day Trips for Kids (2004)

Cruisin' Kids

Littleton mother of two and former teacher Alison Weems noticed how hard it was to keep up with local children's events, despite the fact that there were plenty of them to choose from. Unfortunately, she found, you needed a stack of newspapers and magazines, a strong word-of-mouth network and a cast-iron memory to even know about them all, let alone remember their dates, times and places from week to week. So she did something about it: For a minimal annual fee, Weems sends subscribing parents weekly e-mails from her Cruisin' Kids website, which overflows with day-by-day information about everything from play groups to toy stores. And to say that Weems's listings are comprehensive would be an understatement: If you can't find an activity your kids like here, it simply doesn't exist.


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