Best Pool Hall (2004)

Jillian's, Colorado Mills

Okay, okay: Jillian's isn't one of those smoky, spit-scarred old pool halls that have earned top honors in the past. But let's remember that pool is a social event as well as a sport. So it's about time we paid homage to a company (yes, Jillian's is part of a chain) founded on the pool-as-entertainment theme. And how's this for entertainment? At the Colorado Mills Jillian's, the twelve felt-covered tables in the main section come complete with views of more sports on nearby TVs. And although private rooms are available for the true aficionado, this family-friendly place is designed more for the Huxtables than the Hustler. Because the service is friendly, the equipment superb and the wait never too long for a table, Jillian's has racked up this honor. Just bring your own grit.


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