Best Use of a Horse (2004)

Arapahoe Hunt

Tired of guiding your old nag around and around the indoor arena? Then ride him like he was meant to be ridden -- hurtling across field and stream alongside a pack of baying hounds in search of a varmint to shred. Most weekends from October to April, as well as on the occasional Wednesday, the Arapahoe Hunt pursues coyotes across a 22,000-acre spread on the site of the old Lowry bombing range. Now in its 75th year, the hunt is one of the oldest in the West. It was started in 1907, took a short break during World War I, but resumed coyote-terrorizing operations in 1929 and has been going full gallop ever since. Anyone with a horse can join in the fun, as long as he's willing to ride well and follow local customs.


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