Best Bar for Chips and Salsa (2005)


In many cases -- okay, in every case -- the most important thing influencing our appreciation of a Mexican joint's chips and salsa is the environment in which they're served. The best-tasting chips and salsa on the planet do nothing for us if they're dished up, say, by the sample ladies at the local Sam's Club. That's why we're such fans of Juanita's. This Boulder institution is basically a chips-and-salsa kind of bar, the sort of place where you want to collapse into one of the tall-backed booths and stay for days. Making this perfect chips-and-salsa environment even better is the fact that Juanita's happens to serve an excellent order of crisp, oily chips and a fine, fresh, thin salsa that's the ideal accompaniment to a couple of cold ones.

Location Details

1043 Pearl St.
Boulder CO 80302


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