Best BBQ in a Gas Station (2005)

Dr. Daddio's Kitchen on Wheels

Jim Walker -- best known as "Dr. Daddio" -- may be a smooth hand when it comes to dishing out the tunes on KUVO, but the man also knows his way around good barbecue. While this little restaurant counter on the left-hand side of a gas station out on Airport Boulevard may not be the prettiest or the best-stocked joint in town (it has a tendency to run out of nearly everything on a good day), it's definitely the best place to get some 'cue and peach cobbler as you're gassing up the Hummer. Dr. Daddio's sauce is an addictive, thin, sweet mop that his kitchen applies liberally to everything from ribs and chicken to brisket and hot links. And at just $11 for a full rib dinner with baked beans, bread, potato salad and a slice of lemon pound cake, you can fill your belly for a lot less green than it'll take to fill your tank.


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