Best Blowout Dinner (2005)


Conventional wisdom says that fifty dollars is about the max Colorado diners are willing to spend on a non-destination dinner for two. Birthdays, anniversaries, Flag Day -- at those times, people are willing to part with a little more green, and there are a lot of restaurants willing to take that cash. But say you've got a really special occasion on your hands, something deserving of an unparalleled blowout -- like beating the rap on that corporate embezzlement charge, or being elected executor of your family's offshore trust. Where to go then? Zengo, without a doubt, where it's so easy to drop a couple hundred bucks on dinner, it's dangerous. What with the antojitos, tiraditos (both fancy words for appetizers), ceviches, Latino-Asian sushi, big plates, little plates, killer desserts and family-style service -- which means that every plate is going to be placed in the center of the table and fought over by all in attendance -- the temptation to order big, and then to keep ordering, is nearly irresistible. We suggest you go with your instincts and burn through that gold card. If you've got the money to spend, there's no place better to spend it than Zengo.

Location Details

1610 Little Raven St.
Denver CO 80202


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