Hamburgers are like a religion. There's pomp and ritual in their construction and delivery, a sacred compact between burger eater and burger maker that revolves around mutual respect and attention to a set of rules. And once a seeker of burger perfection has found a patty that speaks to him, nothing short of fanatical conversion can change his mind or sway him from his faith. So it's only right that Bud's Bar makes the area's best burger. After all, for more than fifty years, this place has devoted itself to bringing glory to the humble beef sandwich. There's nothing on Bud's menu but burgers -- singles and doubles, with cheese and without. Every burger comes with pickles and a bag of potato chips, to augment the bottles of ketchup and mustard set out on every table. There's not much in the way of ambience, and service can be downright nasty when things get busy (and it's almost always busy). Yet year after year, from across the state and around the country, the faithful keep coming back to Bud's.

Location Details

5453 Manhart St.
Sedalia CO 80135


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