Best Cheesesteak From a Cart (2005)

Philadelphia Filly

The Philadelphia Filly was once a stationary restaurant, but then Sally Rock and Dale Goin decided to take their authentic Philly cheese-steaks on the road. They now serve their sandwiches at fairs and other annual events; during the Taste of Denver, for example, there are always huge lines snaking out from the Filly's booth. But the rest of the time, they simply operate the best little cheesesteak carts in town -- at 16th and Broadway during the lunch rush, and at 16th and Market late at night (when Rock's son Willy takes over the grill). No matter what time of day you're getting your Filly Philly, though, you can count on it being a huge, double-cheese monster capable of taking the edge off even the worst kind of hunger.


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