Best Chicken Wings (2005)

Luciano's Pizza and Wings

The chicken wing took off in Buffalo, New York, so it's no wonder that the best chicken wings in town are made by a man who spent most of his life steeped in the near-mythological upstate New York pizza-and-wing scene. Kris Ferreri, owner of Luciano's Pizza and Wings, comes from a family whose Buffalo roots go back to the turn of the last century, and what he's brought to the Mile High City is a pitch-perfect copy of the best chicken wings in the world -- a fact that Ferreri never lets anyone forget. Available mild, medium or hot and served in multiples of ten with celery and blue-cheese sauce, just as God intended, Ferreri's wings are fried long, served steaming hot, and so good that even the most jaded Buffalo ex-pats have to admit that he's serving the real deal.


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