Best Chips and Salsa (2005)

Bamboo Hut

The Bamboo Hut's had a tough year, but it's coming back strong. For more than twenty years, this oddly named Mexican joint has been one of the town's best-kept secrets (no phone number, even), serving up great chicharrón burritos and searing green chile (made from peppers grown in Commerce City) to regulars willing to put up with the odd hours and minimal ambience. Then the Hut's longtime cook left, and it looked like the joint might fall flat. But with new/old talent in the kitchen, the Hut is hot again, and enjoying new popularity with club-hoppers who frequent this end of Larimer. Those newcomers won't know that while Gina's cooking up some of the old standards, she's also made a few changes -- including the chips and hotter-than-hot salsa, both freshly made, that arrive on your table fast...and free! Ten-Hut!


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