Best Deli in a Pizza Place (2005)

Parisi Italian Market and Deli

Although Parisi's relocated and expanded restaurant is wonderful, it's the fantastic Italian deli that gets us through the door. Italian deli meats and whole frozen Muscovy ducks, as well as fresh-made mozzarella, prepped-to-cook entrees, sides and frozen stocks and sauces from Parisi's own kitchen are enough to make us love this place beyond all reason and good sense. But there are also shelves full of dry stock -- imported Italian specialties, raw tomato pastes, artisan oils -- that have everything you could possibly need for a proper Saint Joseph's Day feast or just a family dinner straight out of GoodFellas. The friendly staff is incredibly knowledgeable about the most obscure culinary matters, and they never let you leave before you're loaded down with more great Italian stuff than you could ever use.


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