Best Dinner Destination for a Second Date (2005)


Second dates are tricky. You're comfortable enough in each other's company to make it through an entire meal without lapsing into sulky silence or trying to exit out the bathroom window, but neither of you knows yet how far this thing could go. If you're interested in going all the way, and you figure the other party is at least interested enough to give you a second chance, then Brix is the ideal setting for date number two. It's loud and crowded on a good night (making a stealthy escape still a possibility), the service is personable and the food is decidedly lowbrow but excellent. Besides, if the date is a total washout, there are plenty of other prospects crowding the long bar, and nothing makes for a better icebreaker among a certain class of rebound girls (or guys) than a fresh wound from a broken heart and a face full of gin and tonic.

Location Details

3000 E. Third Ave.
Denver CO 80206


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