Best Dinner Destination for Impressing a Date (2005)


Dating is awkward enough -- you might as well do it in a place that gives you the edge. If you're a fella, what will impress the girl/guy of your dreams? Candles and soft music? Roofies and a prison tattoo? And if you're of the female persuasion, will your date be confused by any place setting more complicated than a paper napkin and a spork? Deluxe answers all those questions. The vibe is cool and sultry without screaming end-of-date sex. The lights are dim, the seating intimate -- but not so cozy that you'll be on each other's laps (unless you choose to be). And the retro-California menu provides enough variety -- from salsa-spiked oysters to filet of beef -- that anyone can find something suited to his or her tastes. Sure, there's a risk that your date might end up liking the restaurant more than your date likes you (and there's also a chance that among all the beautiful people gathered here, your date might find a better prospect while you're hiding in the restroom), but if the relationship is meant to be, there's no better place to get it started than over a plate of fusion dumplings and a couple of glasses of wine at Deluxe.

Location Details

30 S. Broadway
Denver CO 80203


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