Don's Club Tavern may be Denver's longest-surviving dive, as well as its most liquid asset. For decades, Don's has been the no-frills saloon of choice for those with a streak of Charles Bukowski in them, who are serious about their drinking. And there's no better way for a place that's been around forever to remind us of how much we love it than to start a closing scare. In late 2004, rumors abounded that Don's -- whose founder died earlier in the year -- was about to sell out, probably to one of the new kids with their small plates and fancy wines and fussy New American cuisine. So far, nothing has come of the rumors; still, there's not a moment to lose. Dive into this classic dive, one of a dying breed in the New West, before it disappears altogether.

Location Details

723 E. 6th Ave.
Denver CO 80203


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