Frank Bonanno wants people to think of one thing when they hear his name: authenticity. He wants everything he touches, every plate that comes out of his kitchen, to be absolutely authentic, and that's what he's accomplished at the splendid Luca d'Italia. Although the dishes on the menu may seem unfamiliar, it takes just a bite to know you're eating food that would be right at home back in Italy. Straightforward flavors, impeccable ingredients, perfectly executed stocks and sauces -- Luca D'Italia has all the requisite pieces for a meal both surprising in its complexity and comforting in its apparent effortlessness. Whether you order a simple Bolognese, a three-way spread of deconstructed, truffled rabbit or just a small bowl of soup, this is Italian food made the way we wish all our grandmothers could make it.

Location Details

711 Grant St.
Denver CO 80203


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