Best Place to See People in Chaps Without Horses (or Pants) (2005)

The Denver Triangle

Celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, the Denver Triangle is one of the oldest leather bars in the country. But it didn't reach that ripe old age without a few growing pains. Back in the day, old-guard leather bars were reserved strictly for men, and woe to any woman who dared cross their dark dungeon doorsteps. Those times are long gone, though, and today the Triangle is coed, cowhide-clad and customer-friendly, with special nights when granola-flavored, vegan-type folk are welcome. But the best day to visit the T is Sunday, for the $6 all-you-can-drink beer bust. Money raised during the busts benefits various LGBT organizations and charities, whose members put in their time as servers. So grab your Sunday-best leather vest (but don't bother to saddle up), and take a walk on the wild side. If you're lucky, you could get served by a certain green-wigged, glitter-bearded, triple-breasted drag queen!


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