Best Post-Club Bar Scene (2005)


If you find yourself at Kazmo's at 7 a.m. on a Sunday morning, it's a good bet you haven't just come from church -- or the comfort of your shower. No, more likely you're a survivor of Saturday night's continuing festivities and primed to re-engage. Victor Gomez, the Dominican-born proprietor of this windowless refuge, is happy to oblige, with a DJ who pumps up the volume to nuclear-detonation levels. With a dance floor inhabited by your fellow creatures of the dawn. With $5 pitchers of Bud. With 8-ball. And, yes, with a couple of couches on which to collapse and contemplate the music of the spheres. All in all, Kazmo's offers a splendid nothing's-enough-and-too-much-is-just-fine experience.


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